Travel Bug

By November 23, 2014Travel

Someone’s got the Travel Bug

I’ve had a great privilege to grow up within a loving family committed to exploring the globe. The amazing human beings I happen to call parents have always pushed me to see what the world has to offer culturally. Early on I’ve decided to keep it up the country count and play a personal game: maintaining my country count to corelate with my age. I’m finally caught up! (Although Hungary is a bit questionable. I’ll compensate and revisit later.)
1. America
2. Argentina
3. Austria
4. Belgium
5. Canada
6. Cuba
7. Czech Republic
8. Dominican Republic
9. Egypt
10. France
11. Germany
12. Greece
13. Hungary*
14. Ireland
15. Israel
16. Italy
17. Jamaica
18. Mexico
19. Netherlands
20. Panama
21. Spain
22. Tanzania (Zanzibar included)
23. Turkey
24. Ukraine
25. United Kingdom
26. Uruguay