Polyglot: The Beginning

By April 20, 2016Language

Ongoing adventures of #polyglot.

I used to hate studying languages as a kid. I never had the knack for them, and resented being crammed with classes I didn’t want to take. Recently, I noticed I grasp the logic of grammar and conjugation significantly better. Instead of depending on sheer memorization, I’m beginning to draw similarities between the 5 tongues which once plagued my existence. Hence I decided to re-start my polyglot journey and see where it takes me next!

Challenge – accepted!

The Usual Suspects:
– French
– Spanish
– Hebrew
– Russian
– English

The Brief Plan:
– Use Duolingo religiously
– recap weekly with more formal methods
– Join a language community, perhaps online, on a topic I enjoy
– Find a pen-pal overseas… snail mail would be nice
– Start to only refer to things in new languages

“I will have un poco de leche, Thanks”